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The Back Story

Founded by Geoff Finnigan, EIT.

Kinetic Bench was started in the middle of COVID, to be your one stop shop for bench pressing without a spotter.

The Kinetic Bench helps the user start, rep, and complete their set, without expending unnecessary energy kicking up weights to start.

The Journey

The first Kinetic Bench prototype was completed March 2021, after being designed and manufactured by Geoff using SolidWorks and a rented welder from Home Depot.


The second prototype, KB V2, was completed in April of 2022, by UBCO's capstone team. This is the version now available for sale, and the model used for Kinetic Bench PRO.

We had our first sale in May of 2022, and are excited to keep innovating and building.


Kinetic Bench has over 20 million views on TikTok, check us out on the app! #kineticbench

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